How Liteblue USPS Changed The Postal Service Scenario

The United State of America has a vast network of postal service that delivers more mail than any country. According to a published report, the United States Postal Service (USPS) addresses about 156 million people around the year. There is a huge strength of force working towards serving the postal services across the nation. There are about 500,000 career employees working in the service. Now, it is quite understandable that operating the service with such a massive workforce will ultimately lead to chaos if not properly checked or maintained.

The USPS also caters to different sections of the society at just 49 cents to irrespective of the state or any city location. Moreover, there are special carrier services that operate on an emergency basis that provides attention to the needs of elderly and disabled members of society. In order to operate all the services and managing, USPS Liteblue required an integrated solution that enhanced the communication, services, and took care of the personal details of the employees. This need is catered by LiteBlue web portal services.

The LiteBlue portal

The LiteBlue web portal services are the conduit between the needs and solution that takes care of the employees and the 3600 aspects of the postal services. With the rise of the internet and growth of technology, LiteBlue web portal services not only allow the employees to have effective communication across the nation but it also helps them to maintain and operate the postal service flawlessly.

The LiteBlue portal has to enable ease of flow of data between and across hierarchies that diminish the effect of grapevines within the fraternity and provides more focused and compact data flow within the organization. Every employee is provided with an ID and a password to access their personal details and flow of information. Moreover, the system is capable of managing funds and resources at the same time to facilitate the seamless functioning of the postal service. A system is an essential tool for team management that imparts information like optimal job allocation, salary details, and work assignments. Some of the features that the portal entails include:

  • Managing the services and details of the personal directories of the employees.
  • Sharing of the details of the personal directories of the employees.
  • Information regarding specific projects to meet the customer needs timely.
  • Easy access to mail orders and job tracking for all users.
  • Automatic schedule processing for shipment.
  • Ease of flow of data and enhance effective communication.
  • Secure login and encryption along with portal for management.

Now, these are some of the features that LiteBlue web services impart to the postal services and this has boosted the scenario of USPS across the nation towards more productive yet in a cost-effective way. However, there are still some more developments that are required and it is too much to ask for an overnight but indeed the processes are flawless which marks a great revolution in the technological advancement for postal services in the United States of America.

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