Some Of The Finger Licking Fun Facts About KFC

Well, we have all seen that Colonel guy in the advertisements or the banner of KFC. He and the Kentucky Fried Chicken have a story to tell. His name was Harland Sanders and was quite young when he had lost his dad. He was forced to look after his younger siblings and thus took up cooking. Later he dropped out of school out of frustration.

When he grew up and was married and has kids he opened up a service station. He still was the cook of the family and he served hot meals to the people passing by the road. mykfcexperience survey and the service station was rebuilt and started off with a roadside business of a 142-seat restaurant and motel. He had to come up with some secret chicken recipe which is still used in KFC and also had to find a method where big batches of chicken could be fried constantly and quickly.

What are some of the fun facts about KFC?

  • The recipe of the chicken is still kept as a secret: this is a big secret! Sanders used to blend 11 herbs and spices which he knew by heart and later it was written on a piece of paper which was kept safely in his wallet. Today, the recipe is being kept under literal lock and key at the headquarters of KFC and just some selected members have access to it, they too are kept secret and never made public. There are two different suppliers who do the blending and thus no outside source can find out what the magic mixture is.
  • You know the herbs but that still is a secret: the top authorities will never let out the secret ingredients that they use in their chicken, but once they did mention to the media that out of the 11 ingredients, salt and pepper were 2 of them and the remaining ones were common herbs that are found in almost every kitchen.
  • On the eve of Christmas, KFC is the traditional dinner, in Japan: the families in Japan order their buckets of Christmas Chicken well in advance or some wait in the long queues for their yummy food.

The health facts of KFC

Most of the health conscious people out there consider chicken to be a diet-friendly food. If you ever have a look at their menu, you will see that the food they serve at KFC is loaded with calories and fats which also includes the chicken. But, it is definitely possible to eat at KFC when you are trying to lose weight and stay fit. You could make a review of all the nutritional guides which are available on the KFC website or you could ask for a copy at your KFC restaurant. This chart will have all the detailed information about each item from the menu which will include calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates and so on per serving. All you need to do is make an appropriate good selection from the menu and have a hearty meal!