Buying Guide To Picking The Right Spin Bike For Home

A daily fitness routine is something that everybody should care about diligently. However, now that getting fit something that has become more of the trend, the gyms are highly packed and crammed with fitness enthusiasts and so many Advantages of using spin bikes @ home. Also, many tend to find it difficult to get some time to go to the gym daily as it is a lot of work for many. But now with home fitness routines, online personal trainers and home equipment, one can have a great fitness routine.

Among many fitness equipment’s that is available in the market, home bikes have always been a crowd favourite. Biking is a great way to do some cardio and burn those stubborn calories. But with a lack of time and conviction to go out and bike in open, one can simply choose to buy spin bikes for themselves. Some of the features that you should look for in a spin bike are mentioned below:

1. The frame of the bike

Riding a bike daily and that too with increasing intensity needs a stronger and better frame so that it can take all the rigorous work out sessions. Therefore, make sure that the bike has the best frame of the body and has wider legs so that the bike can remain well balanced.

2. Flywheel

Similar to the conventional outdoor bikes, the front wheel of the bike is the one that rotates when the bike pedals are rotated. However, in a spin bike, the front wheel is elevated and thus is called a flywheel. One should check the weight of the flywheel before picking a bike. Lighter wheels will not give smooth motion while pedals are rotated. Thus, make sure athat the wheel weights 40 lbs to 50 lbs.

3. Drive system

In a general spin bike, one can find two types when it comes to the drive system. Either the time will have a belted drive system or a chain-driven system. Choose best over chains, because chains need more maintenance and also is difficult to adjust. However, the belt systems are smoother, less noisy, and easy to adjust and maintain.

4. Resistance

While choosing a spin bike it is crucial to look for a good resistance system. There are several types of resistance that one can find on a bike that resists the movement of the flywheel. The major types of resistance found are cable resistance, magnet resistance, manual screw resistance, and even electromagnetic resistance. Though cable resistance can be a bit unreliable when it comes to providing a good resisting power, magnetic and manual screw are much better in option.

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Some Of The Finger Licking Fun Facts About KFC

Well, we have all seen that Colonel guy in the advertisements or the banner of KFC. He and the Kentucky Fried Chicken have a story to tell. His name was Harland Sanders and was quite young when he had lost his dad. He was forced to look after his younger siblings and thus took up cooking. Later he dropped out of school out of frustration.

When he grew up and was married and has kids he opened up a service station. He still was the cook of the family and he served hot meals to the people passing by the road. mykfcexperience survey and the service station was rebuilt and started off with a roadside business of a 142-seat restaurant and motel. He had to come up with some secret chicken recipe which is still used in KFC and also had to find a method where big batches of chicken could be fried constantly and quickly.

What are some of the fun facts about KFC?

  • The recipe of the chicken is still kept as a secret: this is a big secret! Sanders used to blend 11 herbs and spices which he knew by heart and later it was written on a piece of paper which was kept safely in his wallet. Today, the recipe is being kept under literal lock and key at the headquarters of KFC and just some selected members have access to it, they too are kept secret and never made public. There are two different suppliers who do the blending and thus no outside source can find out what the magic mixture is.
  • You know the herbs but that still is a secret: the top authorities will never let out the secret ingredients that they use in their chicken, but once they did mention to the media that out of the 11 ingredients, salt and pepper were 2 of them and the remaining ones were common herbs that are found in almost every kitchen.
  • On the eve of Christmas, KFC is the traditional dinner, in Japan: the families in Japan order their buckets of Christmas Chicken well in advance or some wait in the long queues for their yummy food.

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How Liteblue USPS Changed The Postal Service Scenario

The United State of America has a vast network of postal service that delivers more mail than any country. According to a published report, the United States Postal Service (USPS) addresses about 156 million people around the year. There is a huge strength of force working towards serving the postal services across the nation. There are about 500,000 career employees working in the service. Now, it is quite understandable that operating the service with such a massive workforce will ultimately lead to chaos if not properly checked or maintained.

The USPS also caters to different sections of the society at just 49 cents to irrespective of the state or any city location. Moreover, there are special carrier services that operate on an emergency basis that provides attention to the needs of elderly and disabled members of society. In order to operate all the services and managing, USPS Liteblue required an integrated solution that enhanced the communication, services, and took care of the personal details of the employees. This need is catered by LiteBlue web portal services.

The LiteBlue portal

The LiteBlue web portal services are the conduit between the needs and solution that takes care of the employees and the 3600 aspects of the postal services. With the rise of the internet and growth of technology, LiteBlue web portal services not only allow the employees to have effective communication across the nation but it also helps them to maintain and operate the postal service flawlessly.

The LiteBlue portal has to enable ease of flow of data between and across hierarchies that diminish the effect of grapevines within the fraternity and provides more focused and compact data flow within the organization. Every employee is provided with an ID and a password to access their personal details and flow of information. Moreover, the system is capable of managing funds and resources at the same time to facilitate the seamless functioning of the postal service. A system is an essential tool for team management that imparts information like optimal job allocation, salary details, and work assignments. Some of the features that the portal entails include:

  • Managing the services and details of the personal directories of the employees.
  • Sharing of the details of the personal directories of the employees.
  • Information regarding specific projects to meet the customer needs timely.
  • Easy access to mail orders and job tracking for all users.
  • Automatic schedule processing for shipment.
  • Ease of flow of data and enhance effective communication.
  • Secure login and encryption along with portal for management.

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IT Training: What Is It?

Even though it seems such a simple question to answer, different people will have varying answers of their definitions of IT Training. IT training may be broadly grouped in 2 categories, namely User training and Professional IT training.

User training is related to training for non-IT professionals and teaches users how to use software packages like Microsoft Office, content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management systems (CRM) and other frequently used programs. General business professionals and consumers who use such IT applications and software products can be found in this group.

Professional IT training on the other hand provides training to IT professionals on the IT systems and processes used in their organizations. Students of professional IT training programs are predominantly those who work in jobs related to computer science, network administration, information systems analysis, technology infrastructure management, cloud computing and more.

Irrespective of either category, IT Training is specific to the skills required for carrying out information technology jobs. Professional IT Training will include the know-how of how to set up and manage a company’s information network. Typical training courses are related to the design, development, application, support or management of computer-based information systems. There are huge opportunities for IT Professionals with interest in proffering information technology solutions to companies. Employers are on the look out for individuals who can assist to develop their system of IT operations as opposed to individuals who are skilled at handling only one computer.


The IT Professional is expected to understand how the network works, have good people skills and be vast in several technical skills amongst other proficiencies. An in-depth knowledge of all kinds of computer and networking hardware is another area an IT expert is required to be skilled in. Today's technical personnel can expect to be called upon to work on any kind of computer, including new innovative ones and old, outdated ones. With the increasing use of mobile devices in the information technology space, an IT expert needs to understand the latest mobile technology software and applications.

He needs to be familiar with the different types of malware infestation on computer systems inorder for him to provide appropriate solutions to such challenges. Most businesses today have an online presence, whether via the use of simple websites to attract customers to their sites or via more complex online e-commerce transactions in which money is paid for a product or service. As such, an IT expert needs to understand the basics of web applications and website development and administration. Professional IT training should also teach information technology security and how to guard against risks associated with IT.

Cybercrime is on the rise, recorded as the largest source of illegal wealth worldwide, ahead of drug trafficking. Employers are increasingly viewing information security as top priority. As such, an IT expert should be able to understand the basics of evaluating the safety of IT systems, practices and operations, assessing the strength of the IT security measures and how to ensure company wide protection of information and information systems. These are some of the basics of professional IT training. Cloud computing, data storage and data management are other areas worth exploring.

3D TV Technology Has Plenty Of Applications


Did you know that our everyday environment is three dimensional in nature? We actually see the world in 3D every day. An image seen in 3D can be said to be seen in three dimensions, namely depth, width and intensity. The typical human eyes are separated by few centimetres to enable the eyes send information to the brain from two somewhat different perspectives. The brain then reads and analyses this information and combines the two slightly varying perspectives to create depth perception. This is how a 3-dimensional image is produced by the human eyes.

Although 3D technology may seem a relatively modern technology, it has indeed been around for hundreds of years, from as far back as 1922. 3D television uses forms of 3D display such as multi-view display, stereoscopic display, or 2D plus depth to convey a perception of depth to the viewer. The perception of depth created by 3D technology is a key feature which has made it immensely beneficial in several fields, including medical science, entertainment, zoology, and more.

In medical imaging, in which internal images of the body are created, via X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc., for clinical analysis and appropriate diagnosis, 3D technology can be used to create a succinct 3D visual of the part of the body being scanned. The resolution of the images produced by some 3D display technologies are ten times higher than those of most 2D displays available everywhere. This would mean an improvement in the accuracy of diagnosis and a reduction or even elimination of invasive diagnostic procedures for patients.

Using 3D technology, surgeons would have a visual representation of the anatomy of a patient before a surgery, thereby reducing exploratory procedures and surgeries. Surgical procedures would be more precise. A ground-breaking use of 3D technology would be in telemedicine, in which it would become possible for medical personnel to view and assess injuries simultaneously from different parts of the world, allowing diagnosis from anywhere. This would be particularly beneficial in medical emergencies, disaster response or other life threatening medical situations in which prompt medical attention is required or where there is a high risk involved in transporting the patient to a medical facility.

In zoology, it would be possible to view the anatomy of rare species without having to dissect them first.

Nevertheless, it appears as though the personal benefits of 3D TV are not as far-reaching as expected. The possibility of it replacing everyday TV is dim, as two major electronics giant, LG and Sony have now discontinued the product because of low consumer purchases.  Producing content for 3D TV has been quite difficult because of the high resolution of 3D images. It is however still being enjoyed in movie theaters, with the release of more films in 3D in cinemas worldwide. Its adaptation in video gaming is also much smoother, because video games already generate their images in 3D.

Due to the fast rate of evolution of technology, it may be impossible for the average consumers to catch up with new technology especially if huge switching costs are involved. There is an ongoing comparison between 3D TV and 4K TV or Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV to forecast the future of consumers’ television viewing habits. Irrespective of how ‘cool’ a gadget might be, affordability will continue to be a major factor in deciding its wide-spread use. 

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